Digitize your technical documentation

With imaya you make the digital delivery of your technical documentation legally compliant in accordance with the new EU machine regulation.

  • Less effort thanks to automated processes
  • Your customers benefit from digital data
  • Legally secure and contractual delivery
imaya – Technische Dokumenation digitalisieren
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Digital delivery 2022 - what is your solution?

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CD / USB E-Mail Sharepoint Dropbox / Filesharing

Highest standards of data protection (server in Germany)

No legal certainty and traceability

No legal certainty and traceability

No legal certainty and traceability

No legal certainty and traceability

All transactions legally secure and traceable

High risk of data loss

High risk of data theft

Inflexible & unproductive

Inflexible & unproductive

Smart information management (search, automation, interfaces)

favorable, low effort

fast and favorable

Fast, often available, cheap



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A software solution for your technical documentation

imaya – Smartes Infomanagement

Automatically collect everything in one place

With imaja you manage all files and metadata of your technical documentation in one place. Thanks to automated archiving and interfaces to common editorial systems, imaja can be efficiently integrated into the editorial process. Machine Learning algorithms support the efficient management and retrieval of data.

With imaja you establish a structured process for the management and delivery of your technical documentation, which saves you noticeable effort.

Legally secure delivery

Deliver your technical documentation to your customer with just a few clicks. You can track all actions at any time and prove them indisputably thanks to digital time stamps, digital signatures or history tracking.

This way you meet all contractual and legal requirements, reduce your liability risk and have no problems with acceptance or invoicing.

This also works in the background: Integrate imaya with your current content delivery portal for traceable and legally compliant delivery with the existing system landscape.

imaya – Rechtssichere auslieferung
imaya – Schnellere Fehlersuche – kürzere Standzeiten

Faster troubleshooting, shorter downtimes

Your customers also benefit from imaya: Since all documents are digitally searchable, information can be found in seconds. This saves tedious searches and support effort for you, while your customers reduce the risk of their machines and systems coming to a standstill.


About imaya

imaya was developed specifically for the needs of plant and mechanical engineering companies. Behind imaya is an experienced team of experts and industry experts.

Udo Schienmann
Udo Schienmann
Managing Director

He has been involved in process automation, Internet and communication technologies, and digital processes in document management and digitization in general for over 25 years. He also advises on the topics of digital strategy and digital delivery services.

Daniel Kipp
Daniel Kipp
Managing Director

Studied business informatics. Brings 20 years of expertise in automation and process optimization in input and output management of technical information.

Dr. Arno Klein
Dr. Arno Klein
Head of development

Studies in computer science and doctorate in artificial intelligence. Active for over 20 years in the areas of enterprise content management and IT security as a developer, decision-maker and founder.

Elmar Tober
Elmar Tober
Graduate physicist (univ.)

Studied physics, research associate at the Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research (ZAE Bayern), worked in mechanical engineering (including department head for standardization, technical documentation and training), and technical information management (content management, modularization, reuse analyses).

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler
Concept and consulting

Prof. Dr. Ziegler is a physicist and has been active in the field of technical communication for about 25 years. His specialty is the conception, implementation and optimization of content management and content delivery systems.

He has a wide range of project experience and has developed various market-relevant methods for the development, distribution and networking of intelligent information. Since 2003 he has been teaching at the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe in the field of information and content management.

Discover imaya in a personal demo appointment

  • With imaya, you digitize the delivery of your technical documentation in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive
  • You minimize your liability risk and have no problems with acceptance or invoicing
  • Your customers can correct errors faster and avoid machine downtime thanks to digital technical documentation
imaya – Digitalisieren Sie die Auslieferung Ihrer technischen Dokumentation

Frequently asked Questions

  • What advantages does imaya offer?

    With imaya, you deliver your technical documentation digitally to your customers in a legally secure, contractually compliant and traceable manner. imajya is quickly implemented and integrated into your systems. It is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge.

    Even compared to alternative trust delivery solutions such as email, Sharepoint or Dropbox, imaya offers decisive advantages.

    Download comparison matrix

  • Is my data secure?

    Yes. The security of your data is our top priority. We build on state-of-the-art security:  

    • Encrypted data storage and transmission
    • Certified data centers in Germany
    • Support of qualified electronic signatures
    • Redundant data storage as protection against accidental deletion or editing
  • Why should I deliver in a legally secure manner?

    With imaya, you meet all contractual and legal requirements, reduce your liability risk and have no problems with acceptance or invoicing. In the event of damage, imaya serves to preserve evidence.

    Please note: Proof of legally compliant delivery is absolutely necessary in order to comply with the EU Machinery Regulation. A "download offer" is not sufficient.

  • What does Trusted Content Delivery mean?

    Trusted content delivery refers to the confidential, traceable, and provable delivery of documents or any data.

  • Can I test the system?

    Yes. We would be happy to develop a proof-of-concept together with you. We would be happy to present imaya to you in a free and non-binding demo appointment, clarify any questions you may have and discuss further details.

    Arrange a demo appointment

  • What data can I deliver via imaya?

    With imaya, you can smoothly deliver any file format without file size restrictions.

  • How can I connect to my existing systems?

    imaya can be easily connected to your current editorial systems and data sources via standard interfaces, REST API or Linked Data.